Thursday, 16 December 2021

 Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS)

UK Business Banking Resolution Service Totally Independent with 30 years experience

IBAS act for UK Business Banking customers - we do not act for Banks 


IBAS investigate Directors Personal Guarantee Disputes and Debt Claims and can help defend banks legal claims or directors personal guarantee debt claims and help avoid personal guarantee judgments

IBAS has been providing exceptional results for business banking customers since 1992 

For immediate help and assistance: use the email contact form and provide us with your banking issue or situation.

At this time of the year banks send out a lot of demands and claims for payment which put the business banking customer under greater pressure. 

Many UK claims are not properly defended around holiday periods because legal advice or legal help is much more difficult to obtain in a short time frame.

That means Legal Claims for a business banking debt served just before a holiday period are inevitably stressful. However, responding quickly that you cannot pay is not a valid defence to a banking claim. 

Bank Debt Recovery units will use such a response as an immediate acceptance of the debt and seek Judgment for the debt which will mean further costs and fees being added to the claim to enforce payment by various means.

A legal judgment for debt opens up many options for the lender.

Therefore, if there are disputes involved they must be properly focussed within the legal framework of the claim and a correct response made to the claim. 

The time limits are short and the bank's Debt Recovery Unit or solicitors will be checking for any advantage for them to claim a judgment in default.

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