Bank Mortgage

Director's Personal Guarantee/guarantee/indemnity issue/problem? 

Need to resolve urgent personal guarantee debt or business banking dispute? 

Worried about your bank's threatening behavior?

Bank demanding payment of your director's personal guarantee or threatening legal action?

Bank requesting you complete 'personal financial/assets and liabilities'
 - following a personal guarantee (PG) debt claim?

IBAS is a professional, confidential guidance and direct assistance organisation available for UK Business banking problems and disputes, up to and including litigation. 

IBAS experience has proved to be the deciding factor in effective and sometimes almost miraculous settlements for business banking customers.

IBAS has specialist knowledge from IBAS 'case' investigations into UK business banking account disputes since 1992 - no other organization has that experience or knowledge, which provides  you with the best 'options' to tackle your bank debt claim demand.

IBAS provides experienced specialist and practical advice on how best to deal with and also control the bank’s ‘collection’ activities once the bank's demand is made on you. 

What can you do now and how best can you do it?

IBAS advisors have experienced the worries and concerns which you are now going through - the many sleepless nights - the what if's - worrying about your family - how will you cope? 

Can you 'get out of it in any way' - is it possible to do so? 

Can you dilute the bank’s debt demand?

The questions and the personal worries you may have from receiving a banking debt claim are well known to our specialist team - that's why they now advise on such matters. 

They will help you focus on what can be done

An email to IBAS with your circumstances will help IBAS to help you - so email us now.

We know that talking to someone who fully understands what you are going through is the first step to having a good night's sleep. 

Talking to someone who has also dealt with many cases like yours is even better!

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